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Veith AG
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Automotive industry

"From early punch supplier to system supplier" - this is briefly describes the development of Veith in the automotive sector. Our innovative ability and our adherence to deadlines form the basis of the trust of all German automotive manufacturers in us.

With a sophisticated and well-sorted inventory of finished and half-finished parts, as well as flexible production opportunities with sufficient machine capacity, we are in a position to guarantee the short delivery times required of us.

With our products we have contributed towards the use of high-strength steel goods and aluminium components in the automotive industry.

Our range includes:

  • Round and profile cutting punchs according to VDI 3374
  • Round and profile punches according to Mercedes-Benz standard
  • Round and profile quick change punches/Ball Lock
  • punch holding for cylinder head punchs and for quick change punchs
  • Buttons
  • Buttons according to VDI 3347
  • Nytrogen Cylinders and accessories
  • Guiding plates according to VDI 3357
  • Precision cylinder pin in tolerance m4
  • Identification tools