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Nitrogen cylinders

As a Special Springs partner right from the word go, you will find in us not only a dealer for these products, but also an expert partner with 20 years of experience in the area of Nitrogen cylinders. Stand-alone Nitrogen cylinders, network systems with piping, composite board systems or springs with checked return - we have specially trained engineers and the expertise for your best-possible support in the planning and implementing of your projects.

Naturally, it is also possible to have the (Special Springs) systems connected and commissioned at your site.

The comprehensive range includes Special Springs - Nitrogen cylinders with an outer diameter of 14 to maximum 195 mm and a starting force of up to 20,000 daN, Nitrogen cylinders according to the various automotive standards (e.g. VDI3003), all accessories such as mounts, hoses, connectors, checking valves etc.

We put particular emphasis on the safety and service life of our products. That’s why we invented and perfected the Lifeplus Concept, a series of safety elements for the improvement of the safety and service life of our Nitrogen cylinders: OSAS, USAS, OPAS and SKUDO.

The basis of these safety elements is the same as in all Special Springs products:

  • Continuous development
  • Updates
  • Use of the latest technology and analysis systems
  • Constant checks and tests according to the valid standards in order to ensure a higher quality, long service life, reliability and safety.

Remember: not all Nitrogen cylinders are the same.