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Buttons & guide bushing

The use of standardised buttons and guide bushing give toolmaking indisputable advantages. This is particularly valid in the case of profile buttons. In production, with special moulds running in parallel with a stamp production, practically every customer requirement can be taken into... more

Compression springs

We offer you a complete range with a maximum selection of compression springs for a variety of applications in fixture and toolmaking, machine construction, as well as for special customer-specific requirements. Continuous research and development, as well as strict checks on the... more

Cone pins & ejector pins

Our standard range of consistently hard pre-stamping pins similar to DIN 9861 covers the diameter range of 1.00 mm diameter to 13.00 mm diameter. The standard lengths are lengths 71 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm and 120 mm. We also have individual diameters in lengths of 160 mm and 200 mm. We... more

Core pins & accessories

We have many years of experience in the production of high-precision core pins according to customer diagrams. We produce your drawn parts with selected grinding process in a secure process upholding the highest finish qualities and the tightest of shape, dimension and... more


In addition to the precision punches we also offer the right counterbore. Particularly with the punch with a trombone neck it is recommended the punch and the counterbore be acquired from the same manufacturer. With the three-lip Veith counterbore tools you achieve the optimum... more

Cylinder pins & taper pins

With cylinder or taper pins, as well as axles and shafts by Veith, you are always choosing a product with the highest level of precision and finish quality. We fundamentally produce in ground versions and upholding unique shape and durability. This ensures the replaceability of the pins... more

Ejector pins & Ejector sleeves

Veith precision ejectors according to DIN ISO 6751, 8694 and ejector sleeves according to DIN ISO 9405 are used in the printing and spray cast industry for ejecting mould shapes. We provide our ejector pins in tempered, hardened and nitrided execution. Of course, our product... more


Our ELADUR is used as a spring element in tool and fixture construction as well as machine, vehicle and aeroplane construction. Spring bars, spring rings, buffers, scrapers, ejectors and shock absorbers made from ELADUR have proven to be outstanding in the most difficult conditions and... more

Extruding press stamp

Our exuding press stamp, above all, has a high wear resistance/edge stability with simultaneously good properties regarding tenacity. Depending on use, you will receive our exuding press stamps made from various high-speed steel alloys, powder-metallurgical steels or the hard... more

Guiding elements

Our guiding elements are successfully used in tool, mould, machine and fixture construction. Be it in jig construction, where great forces are exerted on the guiding elements, or in the electrics industry, in which speeds of far exceeding 1,000 hub/min are reached, our guiding elements... more

Nitrogen cylinders

As a Special Springs partner right from the word go, you will find in us not only a dealer for these products, but also an expert partner with 20 years of experience in the area of Nitrogen cylinders. Stand-alone Nitrogen cylinders, network systems with piping, composite board systems... more

PIX stamps

Our storage range of standard 6 - Lobe/Pix - stamps in pressed finish, range in size from P6 up to P100. We use standard 6 - Lobe/Pix - stamps in materials M2 - 1.3343 and the more wear-resistant M42 - 1.3207. We produce special profiles for... more


The most stressed part of the cutting and pressing tool is the punch. As a punch manufacturer right from the word go, Veith helped form the developments in this area. Over the decades we have set standards with our quality standards, which are continously optimised to this day, as... more

Stamping parts & tools

The ideal addition to our stamping parts are our precision tools,  stamping parts produced from this and the resulting modules. From the construction and manufacturing of tools to the series production of stamping tools and modules, we offer you individual solutions. The... more

Test pins/measuring pins

We are one of the few manufacturers in a position to produce test pins/measuring pins in the required areas of precision. Our quality is established in this sector. Naturally, you will receive an inspection certificate for your measurement equipment monitoring upon request. We... more