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Alfred Konrad Veith GmbH & Co. KG
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Veith AG
Grossholzstrasse 22
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Quality and precision are our passion

With our in-house toolmaking and our stamping department we have the unique combination of being both manufacturer and user of our products. As a Veith customer you benefit from our many years and extensive experience that we are happy to pass on to you. The pacesetters in our medium-sized business are qualified experts with innovative ideas who identify with their task.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Exceptional service and individual consulting
  • Quick delivery times - 24-hour delivery service for ISO stamping and bushing
  • Production variety - Comprehensive and flexible production opportunities allow the manufacturing of special and drawing parts alongside the DIN/ISO standard
  • Material variety - the right material for every use
  • Surface treatment - the highest surface finished allow increased service lives
  • Coating variety - the optimum coating for every use
  • Quality - premium products in spite of the strong price pressure, at Veith you decide for quality, which is the measure of things in the industry. Make the service life comparison!